Marton Village, Warwickshire

Keeping our village church looking its best


We hope that you, like us, consider St Esprit Church to be the heart of our village and much loved by us all. For many years we have been, and continue to be, exceedingly grateful to our band of grass cutters and general maintenance folk, but the burden has become just too onerous and we have decided to supplement volunteer activity with, for example, a contract fortnightly mow / strim.  The annual costs for maintenance, including mowing and floodlighting, will be approximately £1800 and we are seeking pledges from village households to help us continue to keep our village church looking its best.

A pledge of £10 a month from 15 households would cover the costs, would you be willing to consider donating regularly or as a one off?   Please contact any member of the PCC for further information, or Jenny Walsh (Treasurer) for a gift aid form / church bank details