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Marton History

Marton, Warwickshire, appears in the Domesday Book as “Mortone” and this name is interpreted by the English Place-Name Society as meaning ‘farm by the pool’. There is evidence of a Romano-British farmstead near the current-day playing fields that was by the edge of a pool. Certainly Marton was a notable settlement at least from late Anglo Saxon times when it was the centre of an administrative area of territory known as a Hundred.
George Timms, who established the village museum, is the only person to have researched in any depth on the Marton’s history. Only a little of that work has been published in an A4-sized booklet (42 pages) called “The Annals of an Ancient Parish” (1985). There is a little more information in Volume 6 of the Victoria County History (pages 170-173) which concentrates on manorial lineage and church architecture rather than the lives of the people over the years, however, it does contain a picture of the church as painted round about 1820.

There is much more research which could be done on the history of Marton. The potential for this is set out in this article: Marton’s History & What to Research.

A Local History Group was set up in 2009. More about this is given in the Group’s section on this website. This Group has published a number of articles about Marton’s history and links to these articles are given below.

An Historic Tour of Marton

Houses in Marton

Businesses in Marton

First World War

Second World War

Marton Museum

Marton’s Church & Chapel

General Marton

Local Area

Marton’s Historic Records

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