Marton Village, Warwickshire

Local History Group: October 2016 Update REVISED 25/10

Lady Jocelyn

Please note the change in the planned talk when the Group meetings restart on Monday 31st October. The History of Marton’s Old Houses has been postponed. Instead the talk originally planned for November will be given, namely: Marton Farm Labourers’ 1874 Mass Emigration to New Zealand. This talk looks into how the worsening conditions for farm labourers in the 19th century led to many of them emigrating, and why the New Zealand government were prepared to give free passage to hundreds of thousands of emigrants in the 1870s. (You may even find out a bit about Marton, New Zealand!).

All welcome, entrance fee £3 includes a glass of wine.

The full programme for the year is given in the overview section.