Marton Village, Warwickshire

Marton 200 Club – 2023

New Year – New 200 Club

The 2023 Marton 200 Club is up and running and it’s easy to take part.

  • Becoming a member costs £12 per annum for each number purchased.
  • Membership provides opportunities throughout the year for you to win cash prizes up to £40.
  • Being part of the 200 Club is a great way to show your support for our village hall and its continued use as a community hub.

The 2023 Marton 200 Club has monthly draws providing cash prizes of £40, £20 and 2 x £10 that can be won for just £12 per annum. £960 was paid out in prize money in 2022! You could be a lucky winner this year!

How does it work?
The 200 Club has been running successfully for many years. Villagers have purchased numbers between 1 and 200 and these have been entered into monthly draws resulting in cash prizes.
The balance between tickets sold and prize money is a vital source of income to ensure the future of our village hall. This was particularly important during the pandemic period when, due to enforced closure, the hall was unable to generate income through the events that would normally have been held.

Current members
We hope that current 200 Club members are happy to keep their existing numbers and we thank them for their continuing support.

New members
Marton has welcomed many new residents lately and we would like to encourage them to get involved.
Please contact Dy Hewett at The Cottage Garden, North Street, or 01926 633243 about available numbers.

Payment can be made using the bank details below. Please reference your payment “200 Club” plus surname.
200 Club bank details
Account name: Marton War Memorial Hall
Account type: Business
SORT: 40-27-06
Account no: 02551047

Alternate arrangements can be made if online banking is a problem.

Happy New Year from the Village Hall Committee – Good luck everyone