Marton Village, Warwickshire

Recycling EXTRA

Marton’s extra recycling scheme is about to launch!

Did you know medicine blister packets, toothpaste tubes and make-up containers can be recycled with specialist processing? They can’t go into Rugby’s normal recycling bins and instead go to landfill, where decomposing takes a minimum of 450 years (and much, much longer for some plastics).

So, a few residents have volunteered to start a scheme collecting this hard-to-recycle waste. The parish council has supported the idea, using part of an environmental improvement grant from Severn Trent to buy a bin store and signage. Collection containers will soon be in the store, located alongside the playground fence, so please don’t throw the following into landfill:

• Used medicine/vitamin blister packs (remove personal data and any remaining medication)
• Toothbrushes & toothpaste tubes (including packaging and electric brush tops)
• Make-up containers (any brand)
• Foil balloons and banners (including packaging)

A village email will confirm when the containers are ready for you to drop off all collected items. In the meantime, if you’re interested in being involved in any way please contact us through the newsletter or website. We’d specifically like help with the following and are also keen to hear new ideas you might have for helping:

  • Donations of weather-proof lidded collection containers
  • Volunteers who regularly/occasionally go to Tesco Warwick or Clifton Primary School

If we get a few more volunteers the scheme can grow to save more items from landfill, like hand-wash pumps and laundry packaging.

More complete guidance on what can and can’t be recycled (in Marton or elsewhere) is on:

Thanks very much!

Recycling from home with prepaid envelopes

There are also some hard-to-recycle schemes you can do at home, by sending for prepaid envelopes. These have been suggested or used by residents (so are not affiliated to the village in any way). More can be added if you hear of other useful schemes:

Item to recycle (A-Z) Where to order envelopes
Coffee pods (aluminium) or
Ink cartridges (any brand)
Ink cartridges (Epson only)
Mobile phones
Razors and razorblades