Marton Village, Warwickshire

Local History Group: January 2016 Update

John Westrope
John Westrope

This month the Group had a talk introduced by John Westrope and given by Chris Clack on “The Harry Ferguson Story”. This generated at lot of interest from within and outside the village. More about this talk below.

The next Group meeting is on Monday February 29th at 7.30pm in the village hall, when a talk on Thornhill Brewery will be given by Henry Marriott. All welcome, entrance fee £3 includes a glass of wine.

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Marton Website Workshop

keen website students !

You might have noticed that our website,, now has a slightly changed look and feel. That’s because we are now using a different way of posting new content.

Last Saturday, nine representatives from different village groups came to a Website Workshop, where we practiced how to publish texts and pictures onto the website using ‘WordPress’ (the name of the publishing software used to produce our website).

It was also a good opportunity to gather some feedback for the current site and look at potential improvements. While generally we all seemed happy with the current pages, we need to look into ways to make articles and posts more appear more prominently, I think.

Another great aspect of WordPress is that it is simpler to create content, in more ways than before: texts and images can simply be added from your desktop computer, a tablet or smartphone (using a WordPress App). The latter makes posting pictures extremely easy. Once you have installed the WordPress App you can access pictures you have taken and publish these straight to the website.

There are many ways for villagers to keep up-to-date with Marton News. Apart from the refreshed website, you can also keep in touch using Twitter (@martonvillage) and Facebook (search for “Marton Village”). Most importantly, there is the famous Marton Email Group. This is an extremely useful service and I urge villagers currently not using it to join the group. Please email me on and I will get you subscribed. Looking for more reasons to join the email group? Check out the separate section in this newsletter which gives you more examples of how the Marton Email has helped.

Plans are afoot to hold another website meeting soon, so don’t be disappointed if you couldn’t make it this time. We will let you all know in due course.