Marton Village, Warwickshire

Marton Nature

These are Graham Robson’s photos of “the nineteen butterfly species likely to be seen in your gardens”.

These butterflies will be present in your gardens soon and some will already be there! What are they? Which plants do they love in your garden?

And what about these birds? What are they? Can you identify them?

Our very own “Springwatch 2020”

We are so lucky to live in a rural setting. Especially during this lock down. Probably like many others, I have been enthralled by the BBC Springwatch 2020 series, much of which has been on catch up for me as I’m still trying to catch up! As I’ve watched the series, I have been struck by the fact that only yards up Baby Barn Lane, or yards to Eathorpe or even in our own back garden, fields or verges how much of our very own Springwatch Nature we can experience and enjoy. Especially those nature “Mindfulness” opportunities which were quite unique this Spring because of lockdown and no air or road traffic.These few photos give us a record of just some of what we have enjoyed this spring.

Beautiful sunny vistas

Migrant and Resident Songbirds competing for mates and territory
Goldfinch, Blackcap, Songthrush, Robin, ChiffChaff, and Butterflies

Insects: Orange Tip butterflies, Wasp Beetles, Green Veined White Butterflies, Azure Damselfly, Banded Demoiselle, Speckled Wood Butterfly, Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly and Little Skipper Butterfly and of course, Bees of many kinds

Flying Scarlet Tiger moth (day time)

Marton Nature – Moths

Winter Birds in Marton (by Graham Robson)

Little Grebe spotted in Marton! (by Anthony Howland)