Marton Village, Warwickshire

Planting Progress

volunteers raking

The parish council has just submitted its interim report to Severn Trent for the funding received for planting and biodiversity improvements in the village. Looking back on the last six months for the report has brought home just how much has been achieved in incredibly difficult circumstances.

We applied for the funding in January, obviously unaware of covid-19 and the restrictions and impacts that were to come. The funds have to spent within a year so we had to find a way to adapt our plans and work within guidelines, so we could still use the project to safely bring people together and to make positive additions to the village.

It’s unfortunate the focus had to change from public meetings, mass-volunteering events and launch parties, to creating opportunities for people to plant/volunteer in small bubbles, but it’s been more important than ever to provide a focus for residents to be able to be outdoors and either engaged safely in volunteering activities or tending plants in their own time.

willow dome planting

Back in February, living willow training for three volunteer residents went very well and, with three additional volunteers, a willow dome was planted to expand the children’s play area (and is now growing well despite a recent set back of vandalism).

Once lockdown started we could only plan remotely: designing new playground signs, commissioning a biodiversity report from resident expert Nick Steggall, delivering flyers in the one-a-day walk asking for feedback and writing updates for the newsletter.

Once guidelines permitted, in July, we organised two small working-parties, creating large community raised beds with composting in the playground, installing pavilion rain water harvesting and new welcome signs.


During the work, volunteers spoke about how good it felt to ease out of lockdown by helping the community and safely working outdoors with others again. Residents also commented on how uplifting it was to see activity after lockdown had hushed the village.

A wet and windy August delayed progress on the wildflower areas, which then became the focus in September, with essential help from Gordon Robson followed by volunteers divided into small groups to tackle overgrown hedgerows, soil preparation and sowing.

Everyone worked so hard and we were very grateful for kindly lent machinery from Priory Tool Hire and extra help from Reg at the cricket club. The areas look shockingly brown and barren now but, thanks to all the hard work and a bespoke mix of seed made especially for Marton’s conditions and needs, we’ve been assured that next year it will be transformed and each year after it will get better and better.

There are still a few elements to come (like the ‘hard to recycle’ scheme) but so far an incredible 52 volunteers from the village have given more than 1,600 hours to the project. We thank all of you for your hard work and enthusiasm!

Marton Playground & Outdoor Gym

In line with Covid-19 Government guidelines, outdoor playgrounds and gyms were included in list of facilities that would be allowed to open from the 4th July if they are safe, as lockdown measures will be relaxed across England.

Marton Parish Council will be re-opening the play area and adult gym from Saturday 4th July (tomorrow).

However, for the facilities to open safely we are asking residents, parents and carers to take reasonable precautions:
If you are in an ‘at risk’ category you are advised not to use the equipment

  • Use hand sanitiser before, during and after using the play area
  • Use your own wipes/spray to clean touch points on equipment
  • Maintain social distancing at all times
  • Come back later if the playground is busy
  • Take your litter home and dispose of wipes, masks and gloves responsibly
  • Wash your hands thoroughly when you get home
  • Please avoid eating and touching your face if possible during your visit.

    If you or anyone in your household have signs of Covis-19 you should self-isolate and seek advice at

Please also be aware, if you plan to visit on Sunday 5 July, as part of our growing together grant a small group of volunteers will be installing some raised beds in the play area from 1.30pm.

Marton Parish Council Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019/2020

Notice of Public Rights 2019_2020
MPC Expenditure 2019_2020
Certificate of Exemption 2019_2020
Accounting Statement 2019_2020
MPC Variation 2019_2020
MPC Variation Explanation 2019_2020 – Box 3
MPC Variation Explanation 2019_2020 – Box 4
MPC Variation Explanation 2019_2020 – Box 6
Annual Governance Statement 2019_2020
Annual Internal Audit Report 2019_2020

Marton Butterflies and Birds

We now have a new Website Groups page on here called “Marton Nature”. You can also find it in the top menu on this site (see above). Below is an example of the photos taken.

These butterflies will be present in your gardens soon and some will already be there! What are they? Which plants do they love in your garden?

And what about these birds? What are they? Can you identify them?

Coronavirus COVID-19

The coronavirus situation is fast-moving and there is an increasing amount of misinformation online. We should be using government advice to inform decisions and be checking that advice regularly.

National – Government Guidance
The government’s main source of advice on coronavirus includes information on the social distancing alongside a wide range of other information.

Rugby Borough Council
Latest information from the government and NHS, and essential service updates.

Warwickshire County Council
Coronavirus Information & Guidance.

Public Health England
FAQs that will be updated regularly.

Community Led Support Groups – Warwickshire
A directory of the local ‘community led support activity’ that has emerged across Warwickshire in response to the global crisis.

Mental Health Advice
Information from Warwickshire County Council for individuals to support their emotional and mental wellbeing through this situation.

Coronavirus COVID-19

Please use the following resources to share information about the Coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms and help available from Marton Parish Council. The notes are designed so you can print and cut the sheet to drop one half into each immediate neighbour, including a blank for them to also fill in and pass on if they wish.

Local History Group: January 2020 Update

In January the Group were given a fascinating talk by Judy Frodsham, pictured, about the parish’s civil war records. Highlights of this talk can be seen at this link.

The next meeting is on February 24th at 7.30pm in the village hall. At this meeting there will be a performance of “From this ground” by Michael Luntley. This performance includes stories, poems and folk songs of belonging, identity and migration, drawing on the experiences of agricultural workers in late Nineteenth Century Warwickshire. As usual, all are welcome, entrance fee £3, including a glass of wine.

Local History Group: December 2019 Update

In November the Group were given an entertaining talk by Graham Sutherland, pictured, entitled “Stand and Deliver”, about the truths and myths of highway robbers.

The next meeting is on January 27th at 7.30pm in the village hall. At this meeting Judy Frodsham will talk about what can be learnt about Marton from the Civil War records. As usual, all are welcome, entrance fee £3, including a glass of wine.

Local History Group: November 2019 Update

In October the Group were given a fascinating talk by Pieta Greaves, pictured, about the Church’s zinc sign restoration. A summary of this talk is available here.

The next meeting is on November 18th at 7.30pm in the village hall. We have a well-known local and very entertaining speaker, Graham Sutherland, who will give a talk about Highwaymen. As usual, all are welcome, entrance fee £3, including a glass of wine.