Marton Village, Warwickshire

Marton Village Show Saturday 10 September 2016 Winners

Cup Sponsored by Brilliant Emerald Productions & Judged by Sarah McCormack from Stemsations

Class 1 – Most Beautiful Bloom
1st Angela Woodhouse 2nd Lydia Brown 3rd

Class 2 – Flower arrangement in a Wine Glass
1st Lucy Taylor 2nd 3rd

Class 3 – Arrangement of Roses
1st Lydia Brown 2nd 3rd

Class 4 – “350th Anniversary of he Great Fire of London”
1st Susan Baria Best Flowers Cup Winner 2nd Ann Foden 3rd
Class 5 – A Pot Plant in Flower
1st Helen Preston 2nd Arthur Gibson 3rd Arthur Gibson

Cup Sponsored by Marton Parish Council & Judged by Tim Busby

Class 6 – 3 Root Vegetables
1st Mark and Sharon Watson 2nd Rod Isaacs 3rd Bobbi Bowlam

Class 7 – 3 Greenhouse Vegetables
1st Sharon Watson Best Vegetables Cup Winner 2nd Sharon Watson 3rd Andrew Cooke

Class 8 – 3 Tomatoes
1st Sharon Watson 2nd Sharon Watson 3rd Arthur Gibson

Class 9 – 3 Pods of Beans or Peas
1st Arthur Gibson 2nd James Cresswell 3rd Darren Brown

Class 10 – 3 Mixed Vegetables
1st Cate Cooke 2nd Helen Preston 3rd

Class 11 – Heaviest Marrow
1st Cate Cooke 2nd 3rd

Class 12 – Longest Runner Bean

1st James Cresswell 2nd Arthur Gibson 3rd

Cup Sponsored by Sytner BMW & Judged by Dan from Wyevale Garden Centre, Rugby

Class 13 – 3 Soft Fruit
1st Julie Hubball 2nd Village Farm 3rd Dinyar Baria

Class 14 – 3 Stone Fruit
1st Helen Preston 2nd Village Farm 3rd Village Farm

Class 15 – 3 Eating Apples
1st James Cresswell 2nd Daren Brown 3rd Jack and Josh Dodd

Class 16 – 3 Cooking Apples
1st Cate Cooke Best Fruit Cup Winner 2nd Karen Cresswell 3rd Sharon Watson

Class 17 – 3 Pears
1st Clare Brown 2nd Helen Preston 3rd Karen Cresswell
Home Baking
Cup Sponsored by Broadlane Leisure & Judged by Maggie Bartmanis

Class 18 – WI Victoria Sponge
1st Sally Taylor 2nd Judy Frodsham 3rd Claire Brown

Class 19 – Cake Including Chocolate
1st Helen Keeves 2nd Elsa Isaacs 3rd Adam Cresswell
Class 20 – 4 Cupcakes
1st Logan Keeves 2nd Sally Taylor 3rd Christopher Edwards

Class 21 – A Loaf of Bread
1st Sharon Watson 2nd Helen Keeves 3rd Sharon Watson

Class 22 – A Fruit Cake
1st Helen Keeves Best Homebaking Cup Winner 2nd 3rd

Class 23 – Men only WI Victoria Sponge
1st Rob Lummis 2nd James Taylor 3rd Andrew Cooke

Class 24 – Men only Hard-Boiled Egg
1st Rob Lummis 2nd William Cresswell 3rd Andrew Cooke

Cup Sponsored by Great British Confit & Judged by Edie Lynch

Class 25 – A Jar of Jam
1st Julie Hubball 2nd Village Farm 3rd Judy Frodsham

Class 26 – A Jar of Chutney
1st Mark Robinson Best Preserve Cup Winner 2nd Alan Naylor 3rd Audrey Gibson

Class 27 – A Jar of Pickled Vegetable
1st Angela Woodhouse 2nd Tim Foden 3rd Tim Foden

Class 28 – A Jar of Chilli Preserve
1st Michael Koch 2nd Paul Hubball 3rd Alan Naylor

Art and Craft
Cup Sponsored by Nicki Jones from The Craft Studio at Hilltop Farm & Judged by Nicki Jones

Class 29 – One item of Original Artwork, framed picture or block canvas.
1st Jane Hampson 2nd Poppy Edwards 3rd Phyliss

Class 30 – One Item of Origami
1st Helen Keeves 2nd Sally Koch 3rd Milly Koch

Class 31 – One Item of Embroidery or Cross-Stitch
1st Lydia Brown 2nd Caroline Lewis 3rd Joan Sherratt

Class 32 – One Knitted or Crocheted item
1st Caroline Lewis Best Art & Craft Cup Winner 2nd Sally Koch 3rd Joan Sherratt

Class 33 – One Length of Bunting
1st Helen Keeves 2nd Caroline Lewis 3rd

Cup Sponsored by Faye Claridge Photography & Judged by Jess Litherland from Rugby Art Gallery
Class 34 – “Never Work with Children or Animals”
1st Faye Chambers 2nd Persia Baria 3rd Faye Chambers

Class 35 – “Reflection”
1st Elsa Isaacs Best Photograph Cup Winner 2nd Alan Naylor 3rd Clare Hodgson

Class 36 – “Nature’s Beauty”
1st Bobbi Bowlam 2nd Alan Naylor / Milly Koch 3rd
Cup Sponsored by Judith and Anthony Hillier

Class 37 – 1 Bottle Sloe/Damson Gin or Vodka
1st Mark Robinson Best Beverage Cup Winner 2nd Sharon Watson 3rd Sharon Watson

Class 38 – 1 Bottle Any Fruit Liqueur
1st Sharon Watson 2nd Judy Frodsham 3rd Claire & Darren Brown

Class 39 – 1 Bottle of Beer or Cider
1st Village Farm 2nd 3rd

Class 40 – 1 Bottle of Wine
No entries

Class 41 – 1 Bottle of Non-alcoholic drink
1st Sharon Watson 2nd Helen Preston 3rd
Cup Sponsored by Marton War Memorial Hall, seeds donated by Wyevale Garden Centre, Rugby.
Measured by Andrew Cooke & Steve Taylor

Class 42 – Tallest Sunflower
1st Gabriel Steggall Tallest Sunflower Cup Winner 2nd The Isaacs 3rd Nathaniel Steggall
Cup Sponsored by Main Line Timber & Judged by Liz Barker from Long Itchington Scouts Group

Class 43 – Best Scarecrow

1st Village Farm Best Scarecrow Cup Winner 2nd Cheryl & Alan Naylor 3rd Billy and Charlie Cooke

Children 0-8 years
Cup Sponsored by Baby Sensory & Judged by Tabitha Benfield

Class 44 – A Wooden Spoon Superhero
1st Jack Dodd Best Children 0-8 years Cup Winner 2nd Rowan Chambers 3rd Josh Dodd

Class 45 – A Piece of Art made with Pasta
1st Rowan Chambers 2nd Logan Keeves 3rd Jack Dodd

Class 46 – A Homemade Chocolate Treat
1st Logan Keeves 2nd Christopher Edwards 3rd Kerala Baria

Class 47 – Tallest Freestanding Junk Model Tower
1st Jacob & Joseph Coe 2nd Logan Keeves 3rd Isabella Lewis

Class 48 – Furthest Travelling Paper Airplane
1st Jack & Josh Dodd 2nd Jacob Coe 3rd Logan Keeves

Class 49 – Flower arrangement in your Favourite Mug

1st Kerala Baria 2nd Imogen Hubball 3rd

Children 9-16 years
Cup Sponsored by The Baby Barn, Marton & Judged by Tabitha Benfield

Class 50 – A unique own design Animal
1st Persia Baria Best Children 9-16 years Cup Winner 2nd 3rd

Class 51 – A Homemade Chocolate Treat
1st Persia Baria 2nd Hannah Koch 3rd

Class 52 – Furthest Travelling Paper Airplane
No entries

Class 53 – Flower arrangement in your Favourite Mug
1st Persia Baria 2nd 3rd

Class 54 – An Original Poem
No entries

Class 55 – Weirdest Shaped Vegetable “the stranger the better!”
1st Billy & Charlie Cooke 2nd Bethany Aston 3rd
Well done to all our winners and thank you to everybody for taking part!