Marton Village, Warwickshire

Marton Post Office is Closing after more than 160 years

photo 3
Zena at work

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, Marton is losing its post office—a facility that was established in the village more than 160 years ago. Zena Richards, the current postmistress, is giving up running the facility after more than 26 years. Her last day will be Friday 10 June.
After much publicity was given to find another site in the village, there was nobody prepared to give over part of their house and commit to the hours and poor remuneration as Zena has. These days, to be viable, village post offices need to be part of a broader business. Fortunately the Princethorpe Service Station has taken on the responsibility and they will open their post office on Monday 13 June. Although this will mean a journey of a mile outside the village, the alternatives would even further afield now that Long Itchington Post Office has closed
There is no doubt that many villagers will miss the friendship and support that has been offered by Zena over the years. It has gone above and beyond what was required and the post office offered a daily social hub. Many will hope that Zena will enjoy the freedom that not being tied to the post office will offer. However, it should not be forgotten than she will continue to provide newspapers for her customers in the village.