Marton Village, Warwickshire

Minutes of Marton Parish Council 12 January 2016


 Minutes of Marton Parish Council Meeting held on the 12 January 2016 at 7:30pm at the Marton Village Hall.

  • There has been a suggestion of holding an Annual Reception as a way of saying thank you to organisation that have a positive impact on village life, the possibility of adding this to our Annual Parish Meeting was briefly explored.
  • Cllr Fry (Chair), Cllr Koch, Cllr Hitchman, Cllr Chambers, Cllr Lummis, Cllr Crane, Selina Turner (Clerk)
  • None received
  • The minutes of previous meeting held on Tuesday 17 November 2015 were agreed and signed as an accurate record.
  • None made
  • Crime Report – had been circulated and showed a rare Marton burglary
  •  Any other police issues – There have been a number of incidents on the old railway line with up to five motorbikes riding on it on recent Sundays. Police informed. To be raised at the next Dunchurch Panel Meeting.


  1. COUNTY COUNCILLOR ISSUES (Update was given by Cllr Emma Crane (Borough Cllr)
  • Cllr Crane gave details of a currently running consultation for Rugby’s ‘New Local Plan’, this includes housing plans for the local area for the next 20 years.
  • There is a grants event being held at Rugby Borough Council on the 3 February 2016.
  • R15/1842, Victoria Cottage Shepherd Street, Erection of single storey rear /side extension and detached garage (re-submission of R15/0790). Approved
  • R15/1270, Wybeech 22 Birdingbury Road, Erection of a part first floor part two storey side extension, single storey rear and front extensions and a detached garage. No Decision.
  • R15/2165, 13 Coventry Road, Demolish existing outbuildings including the erection of a two storey extension with integral garage to the side of the existing dwelling. Approved.
  • R15/2227, Museum of Country Bygones Trust Louisa Ward Close, Renovation and modernisation of Marton Museum of Country Bygones, to include the installation of Solar Panels on the South East elevation. Approved

    Flood Alleviation – Cllr Fry

  • The planned village flood assessment –
  • Work has now started, we should expect a draft report by the middle of February.
  • WCC have been in touch, they would like to conduct a site visit with one of their own consultants to discuss Marton’s situation. Date for site meeting set for Monday 18 January.
  • Cllr Fry has been directed to a WCC consultation document which highlights Marton as twenty sixth in priority out of the forty worst flooding sites in the county.
  • There has been a significant pooling of water at the junction of North Street and the main road in heavy rain that has not been resolved despite drain jetting.
  • There is a prediction of an increase in threats from flooding in Warwickshire of between 20-25% in future years.
  • It was felt that it is positive that there is an awareness by local government of the flooding in the county and longer term plans are being made by WCC/RBC
  • Feedback on £5,000 Grant –
  • Given the above, this should put us in a good position for applying for a grant if appropriate solutions can be found in this price range.Traffic Issues
  • A423 any additional developments –
  • MPC have not had any feedback on measures that could be taken to support the village with speed reduction on the A423. This is an issue that needs to be pursued with our county councillor and WCC Highways.
  • The provision of a replacement flashing speed limit sign as you enter the village has been withdrawn, a repair to the old one is the only option being offered. This was delayed due to the hedge needing to be chopped back, this work has now been carried out by two parish councillors led by Cllr Hitchman, to speed up proceedings.
  • Birdingbury Road, Traffic Calming – Cllr Hitchman
  • There had previously been a meeting with WCC highways and Cllr Roberts to look at option for slowing traffic down coming into the village from Birdingbury Road, we were told that the suggestion to extend the 30mph was not possible. However there now seems to have been a change of mind and there is a possibility that this suggestion maybe actioned.
  • Some concerns were expressed that the two traffic issues maybe an either or fix. MPC wanted to ensure that this is not the case. A site meeting to be arranged with the county councillor and WCC Highways.Good Neighbour Scheme – Cllr Koch
  • There is a meeting planned for the 18 January 2016 to explore the idea further, Cllr Koch will feedback at the next meeting.

Parish Plan – Cllr Fry

  • A questionnaire had been circulated to Cllrs by Cllr Fry prior to the meeting, it was felt by all that a much simpler version was needed. An informal meeting has been planned for the 26 January 2016, to work on as a group.Dog Warden Role
  • There have been a number of complaints from residents with regards the issue of dog fouling, areas known to be affected are, Louisa Ward Close, North Street and the Main Road. Note to go in the Newsletter.
  • Possibility of new spray paint to be brought – debate as to its effectiveness.
  • The village Dog Warden met the RBC Dog Warden at the Retirees Tea. RBC Dog Warden explained her role to villagers and the new legislation requiring microchipping of all dogs by this April.Potential Quarry near Frankton
  • There has been no further news and consultation has ended – agreed to remove from the agenda until result of consultation is known.



    Progress on state of A423 – Cllr Hitchman

  • MPC have been previously been told that no action on resurfacing would be taken until the next financial year . MPC have expressed concern over the continuing deterioration of the road and the danger to motorists. We have been assured that it is being closely monitored and that WCC may have to take some action earlier than expected.
  • Drains – there is a problem with the main drain in North Street (see earlier item 9a), this is under investigation. MPC have asked that it be given urgent attention.
  • The safety barrier at the entrance to the Orchard from the A423 has been knocked down and removed as a safety measure. It will be replaced.
  • Hedges – the previous cutting work started and not finished near Elm Farm so remains an outstanding issue.Village Grass Cutting –

    Cllr Hitchman reported that Marton Garden Services have agreed to hold their prices again. However Fountains/OCS have doubled their prices. We have had a very low cost deal in previous years, this quote is more on par with other companies. Cllr Hitchman is looking at alternative suppliers, however, MPC currently receive a very good service. The need for a three year contract has been implied. Agreed that there may be very little that MPC can do but if an improved alternative is available to accept it.

    Salt Box, Church Street-

  • The purchase of a new Salt Box has been approved if a lid cannot be bought.Playing Field Committee issues – Cllr Hitchman
  • General issues
  • AGM last night, Alan Naylor was elected as acting Chairman
  • They continue to look for additional members.
  • Pavilion renovation update and grant application
  • Plans have now been approved by RBC
  • Grant and funding application are being worked on
  • £819 grant from WCC for new furniture has been approved and received.Orchard Maintenance
  • Trees, falling branches
  • No current issues – remove from agenda
  • Bush progress report
  • Progressing well- remove from the agenda
  • New bench
  • Has now been installed many thanks to Graham Robson for donation to cover all costs – remove from the agenda 

    Village Notice Boards

  • The Notice Board has now been identified, agreed and approved. Shall rest on posts and not be attached to the wall. Cost of installation to be ascertained. To be ordered ASAP.Village Website Issue – Cllr Koch
  • The village website has been changed and updated. Cllr Koch is holding a workshop on Saturday 16 January for village groups that use/post on the website.
  • Items that might otherwise just appear in the Newsletter could be added to the website.Street Lighting –
  • New LED lamppost – Cllr Hitchman reported that the new column is in place, however there has been problems with the electrical supply. Work should be complete within the next 3 weeks.Telephone Box Maintenance
  • On waiting list – work due between March – October 2016.
  • Nothing to report
  • No dates have been set for future meetings. Marton Parish Council is keen to see this support organisation to be re-established on a regular basis

    As of Bank statement dated 14 December 2015

Current Account            £17,904.35

Deposit Account            £0.00

Total                                £17,904.35

(Includes 819.00 grant money for table and chairs for the Pavilion)

  1. To ratify that the following bills were paid between meetings:
Date Cheque No: Detail Amount
30/11/15 1057 HM Revenue and Customs  Nov15  £       30.80
30/11/15 1058 Clerk Nov 15  £     122.34
30/11/15 1059 Garden Furniture Centre  £     299.99
08/12/15 1060 OCS / Fountains  £     212.93
08/12/15 1061 OCS / Fountains  £     106.46
30/12/15 1062 WCC Street Lighting – Emergency Repair  

£ 67.73


31/12/15 1063 HM Revenue and Customs – Dec 15 £30.60
31/12/15 1064 Clerk Dec 15 £122.54

To pay

12/01/15 1065 Warwickshire Training Partnership  £        30.00
12/01/15 1066 Eon – Street Lighting  £      259.33
12/01/16 1067 Ernesford Grange School- Printing Costs  £      151.69

    The updated code/policy was approved by all Cllrs and adopted for use.


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