Marton Village, Warwickshire

Marton Parish Council Minutes, 8/9/2015

NB All Minutes are consider in draft form until approved as an accurate record at the following meeting


Minutes of Marton Parish Council Meeting held on the 8th September 2015 at 7:30pm at the Marton Village Hall.

  • Cllr Hitchman reported that the number recorded in the newsletter for Cllr Roberts was incorrect, it should read 01788 819603. Action to be changed in the next issue
  • Cllr Hitchman highlighted potential travellers issues, Action Further consideration to be given prior to the next meeting.
  • Cllr Fry (Chair), Cllr Koch (Vice Chair), Cllr HItchman, Cllr Chambers, Cllr Lummis, Selina Turner (Clerk) and 2 members of the public.
  • Cllr Roberts, Cllr Crane
  • The Minutes of the previous meeting held on Tuesday 14 July 2015 where agreed and signed as an accurate record.
  • There were no declarations made.
  2. Crime Report – No recent crime report received.
  3. Any other police issue – none
  • Not present at the meeting
  2. None
  4. Future of defibrillator – there have been no developments – still the intention for it to feature in a future village questionnaire.
  5. Flood Alleviation
  • Feedback on a possible £5,000 WCC Grant. Cllr Fry has sought advice from WCC, we cannot fundamentally change anything for the village with regards flooding with such a small grant.
  • Lots of positive work has already been undertaken, the river has been cleared, those homeowners that can take flood prevention action, have.
  • Although the potential for more measures to be taken with such a relatively small sum were limited MPC were encouraged to still apply for a grant. Could use grant funds to seek professional independent advice, Cllr Fry has arranged an initial meeting with a company to find out more. Meeting planned for Friday 11 September.
  1. A423 Traffic Issues via parish plan
  • Any additional developments, Cllr Roberts to be asked whether there were any developments/further thoughts on the grant available for speed reduction ideas.
  1. Parking Concerns – Cllr Fry
  • A note has gone in the newsletter, this is always going to be a difficult issue to resolve. There is some building work in the village at the moment which has created some time limited difficulties.
  1. Good Neighbour Scheme – Cllr Koch
  • There are currently no further updates, Cllr Koch will speak with the Church Committee. Cllr Lummis will try and speak with contacts, who operate a similar scheme.
  1. Village Risk Assessment
  • This year MPC has been selected for its village risk assessment to be looked at as part of the audit process.
  • Regular risk assessments are received form the MPFA for the playground area.
  1. CiLA Training for Clerk
  • The parish clerk has registered for the course. Two books are recommended at a cost of £120. The books would be of general benefit to MPC, which has not updated these standard reference works for many years. Cost approved by all.
  1. Parish Plan
  • Cllr Fry has sought advice from RBC, there is not as much emphasis on parish plans as there used to be, particularly for villages like Marton due to the changes with housing needs surveys. Cllr Fry intends to write a report on actions from the last Parish Plan with support from fellow councillors – MPC then look at village priorities and work on a revised village plan.
  1. Notable Phone Numbers Request
  • Suggestion of one page insert to go out with the newsletter with additional numbers.
  • No action agreed at this time
  • Could explore including dentists and doctors surgery in the future
  • Could look at adding bus time table in the future.
  1. Dog Warden Role
  • The village dog warden contact number is now in the Newsletter.
  • Support is still available from RBC
  • Action Cllr Fry to discuss with the village dog warden the support that is available.
  2. Progress on state of  A423 – Cllr Hitchman
  • Surface – will be assessed with the hope that it will be a deep resurfacing in the next financial year. No minor repairs will be made between now and then. The white lines within the village have been repainted. The gully outside Prospect House on the main road has been repaired – this seems to have solved the water collection issue. The crumbling tarmac in North Street has been repaired.
  • Cllr Hitchman had a site meeting with Cllr Roberts over speeding on Birdingbury Road, speed signs cannot legally be moved. No easy answer. It will also be hard to get financial support as Birdingbury Road is considered to be accident free. The main road and options were not explored at the same time. Although WCC did say that white gates at the entrance to the village generally do not get approval in Warwickshire.
  • Flashing speed sign is not working, WCC have been unable to fix it and it may need to be replaced. It was suggested to request one that displays the speed that you are travelling at. Also communication with local villages needed to encourage mutual support for sticking to the speed limit in our shared area.
  • Drains – The drains on the A423 up to Barn Lane have now been cleared. Those under the bridge still need to be cleared – WCC have been reminded.
  • Hedges – The hedges on the main road have now been cut back.. Cllr Fry and Hitchman have cut the hedge back around the bus shelter.
  1. Village Grass Cutting – Cllr Hitchman reported that weather has caused some problems – rain meant cuts were not so efficient.
  2. Salt Box, Church Street- Awaiting end of winter.
  3. Playing Field Committee issues  – Cllr Hitchman
  • The most recent meeting focussed on reviewing Sports Day and future fund raising.
  • The MPFA risk assessment has been reviewed. A smaller risk assessment is done on a monthly basis for the playground area, although the area is monitored on a weekly basis.
  • There is an issue with a small hole by the trampoline area.
  • The old cricket net area has been restored to accommodate a Petanque Court.
  • Pavilion renovation – the plans have now been confirmed. WCC fund have agreed to help fund new furniture for the inside – amount to be confirmed.
  • Cllr Fry explained that if funding was found for museum improvements the museum would need to be rendered (there will be a choice of colour) and have insulation installed. Opinions will be obtained. Slate tiles will be used, they gather less moss, Solar Panels will be installed.
  1. Orchard Maintenance
  • Tree issues– RBC will take any necessary action at the end of autumn.
  • Bush progress report – the bush is growing well
  • New bench – will be purchased, similar to the one in the playing field. Will need a concrete base. Suggested we try to find someone in the village to quote for the work.
  1. Post Box Maintenance – Cllr Fry reported that we are on the waiting list.
  2. Village Notice Boards – some suggestions for replacements were shown, more will be emailed out. Agreed to change just one for now (outside the hall) as it is in the worst condition.
  3. Street Lighting – everyone is very pleased with the new lamp. Agreed to go ahead and purchase the other priority lamp.

No information


Next meeting should be due during September

  2. As of Bank statement dated 14th August 2015

Current Account  £6,301.85

Deposit Account  £0.00

Total  £6,301.85

  1. To ratify that the following bills were paid between meetings:

Eon Street Lighting £228.13 Cheque No: 1021

Marton Village Hall Hire £20.00 Cheque No: 1022

Barrie Mitchel  (MGS)       £140.00 Cheque No: 1023

Clerk July 2015 £122.54  Cheque No: 1024

HM Revenue and Customs £36.60 Cheque No: 1025

WTP Training CiLA Award £100.00 Cheque No: 1026

Fountains Grass Cutting £266.16 Cheque No: 1027

Eon Electricity £83.28 Cheque No: 1028

Barrie Mitchell (MGS) Grass Cutting £140.00 Cheque No: 1029

Clerk  August 2015 £122.54 Cheque No: 1030

HM Revenue and Customs £30.60 Cheque No: 1031

Marton Village Website Fees £25.87 Cheque No: 1032

Marton Village Website Name Renewal £13.19 Cheque No: 1033

  1. To pay

WCC New Street Light £1,212.60 Cheque No: 1034

S Turner/Expenses  Stamps £7.56 Cheque No: 1035

  1. Forms from bank for authorising new signatures – The forms are with Cllr Fry.
  2. AUDIT

Grant Thornton have made contact to request some further information. This has been provided and we are waiting for further feedback.


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