Marton Village, Warwickshire

Tantz – Klezmer Balkan Beats in Marton

Yes, you read right… Marton Village Hall hosts Tantz , a very interesting Klezmer Balkan Jazz fusion 6 piece band. Judging by the band videos, you better bring your dancing (or foot tapping) shoes on February 10th, bar open at 7:30pm.

Find more information about Tantz on the Live&Local website.

Below are further quotes and press cuttings about Tantz.

P.S. This is a concert NOT to be missed.

‘Brilliant to see live…prepare to dance till it nearly does you in.’ (Alan Raw – BBC Radio Leeds)

‘As these meshugeners’ mix of power-klezmer with dub, hiphop and Balkan beats hits ludicrous speed you best be wearing both belt and braces!’ (Axel – Riot Jazz Brass Band)