Marton Village, Warwickshire

Marton Village Show Saturday 10 September 2016 Winners

Cup Sponsored by Brilliant Emerald Productions & Judged by Sarah McCormack from Stemsations

Class 1 – Most Beautiful Bloom
1st Angela Woodhouse 2nd Lydia Brown 3rd

Class 2 – Flower arrangement in a Wine Glass
1st Lucy Taylor 2nd 3rd

Class 3 – Arrangement of Roses
1st Lydia Brown 2nd 3rd

Class 4 – “350th Anniversary of he Great Fire of London”
1st Susan Baria Best Flowers Cup Winner 2nd Ann Foden 3rd
Class 5 – A Pot Plant in Flower
1st Helen Preston 2nd Arthur Gibson 3rd Arthur Gibson

Cup Sponsored by Marton Parish Council & Judged by Tim Busby

Class 6 – 3 Root Vegetables
1st Mark and Sharon Watson 2nd Rod Isaacs 3rd Bobbi Bowlam

Class 7 – 3 Greenhouse Vegetables
1st Sharon Watson Best Vegetables Cup Winner 2nd Sharon Watson 3rd Andrew Cooke

Class 8 – 3 Tomatoes
1st Sharon Watson 2nd Sharon Watson 3rd Arthur Gibson

Class 9 – 3 Pods of Beans or Peas
1st Arthur Gibson 2nd James Cresswell 3rd Darren Brown

Class 10 – 3 Mixed Vegetables
1st Cate Cooke 2nd Helen Preston 3rd

Class 11 – Heaviest Marrow
1st Cate Cooke 2nd 3rd

Class 12 – Longest Runner Bean

1st James Cresswell 2nd Arthur Gibson 3rd

Cup Sponsored by Sytner BMW & Judged by Dan from Wyevale Garden Centre, Rugby

Class 13 – 3 Soft Fruit
1st Julie Hubball 2nd Village Farm 3rd Dinyar Baria

Class 14 – 3 Stone Fruit
1st Helen Preston 2nd Village Farm 3rd Village Farm

Class 15 – 3 Eating Apples
1st James Cresswell 2nd Daren Brown 3rd Jack and Josh Dodd

Class 16 – 3 Cooking Apples
1st Cate Cooke Best Fruit Cup Winner 2nd Karen Cresswell 3rd Sharon Watson

Class 17 – 3 Pears
1st Clare Brown 2nd Helen Preston 3rd Karen Cresswell
Home Baking
Cup Sponsored by Broadlane Leisure & Judged by Maggie Bartmanis

Class 18 – WI Victoria Sponge
1st Sally Taylor 2nd Judy Frodsham 3rd Claire Brown

Class 19 – Cake Including Chocolate
1st Helen Keeves 2nd Elsa Isaacs 3rd Adam Cresswell
Class 20 – 4 Cupcakes
1st Logan Keeves 2nd Sally Taylor 3rd Christopher Edwards

Class 21 – A Loaf of Bread
1st Sharon Watson 2nd Helen Keeves 3rd Sharon Watson

Class 22 – A Fruit Cake
1st Helen Keeves Best Homebaking Cup Winner 2nd 3rd

Class 23 – Men only WI Victoria Sponge
1st Rob Lummis 2nd James Taylor 3rd Andrew Cooke

Class 24 – Men only Hard-Boiled Egg
1st Rob Lummis 2nd William Cresswell 3rd Andrew Cooke

Cup Sponsored by Great British Confit & Judged by Edie Lynch

Class 25 – A Jar of Jam
1st Julie Hubball 2nd Village Farm 3rd Judy Frodsham

Class 26 – A Jar of Chutney
1st Mark Robinson Best Preserve Cup Winner 2nd Alan Naylor 3rd Audrey Gibson

Class 27 – A Jar of Pickled Vegetable
1st Angela Woodhouse 2nd Tim Foden 3rd Tim Foden

Class 28 – A Jar of Chilli Preserve
1st Michael Koch 2nd Paul Hubball 3rd Alan Naylor

Art and Craft
Cup Sponsored by Nicki Jones from The Craft Studio at Hilltop Farm & Judged by Nicki Jones

Class 29 – One item of Original Artwork, framed picture or block canvas.
1st Jane Hampson 2nd Poppy Edwards 3rd Phyliss

Class 30 – One Item of Origami
1st Helen Keeves 2nd Sally Koch 3rd Milly Koch

Class 31 – One Item of Embroidery or Cross-Stitch
1st Lydia Brown 2nd Caroline Lewis 3rd Joan Sherratt

Class 32 – One Knitted or Crocheted item
1st Caroline Lewis Best Art & Craft Cup Winner 2nd Sally Koch 3rd Joan Sherratt

Class 33 – One Length of Bunting
1st Helen Keeves 2nd Caroline Lewis 3rd

Cup Sponsored by Faye Claridge Photography & Judged by Jess Litherland from Rugby Art Gallery
Class 34 – “Never Work with Children or Animals”
1st Faye Chambers 2nd Persia Baria 3rd Faye Chambers

Class 35 – “Reflection”
1st Elsa Isaacs Best Photograph Cup Winner 2nd Alan Naylor 3rd Clare Hodgson

Class 36 – “Nature’s Beauty”
1st Bobbi Bowlam 2nd Alan Naylor / Milly Koch 3rd
Cup Sponsored by Judith and Anthony Hillier

Class 37 – 1 Bottle Sloe/Damson Gin or Vodka
1st Mark Robinson Best Beverage Cup Winner 2nd Sharon Watson 3rd Sharon Watson

Class 38 – 1 Bottle Any Fruit Liqueur
1st Sharon Watson 2nd Judy Frodsham 3rd Claire & Darren Brown

Class 39 – 1 Bottle of Beer or Cider
1st Village Farm 2nd 3rd

Class 40 – 1 Bottle of Wine
No entries

Class 41 – 1 Bottle of Non-alcoholic drink
1st Sharon Watson 2nd Helen Preston 3rd
Cup Sponsored by Marton War Memorial Hall, seeds donated by Wyevale Garden Centre, Rugby.
Measured by Andrew Cooke & Steve Taylor

Class 42 – Tallest Sunflower
1st Gabriel Steggall Tallest Sunflower Cup Winner 2nd The Isaacs 3rd Nathaniel Steggall
Cup Sponsored by Main Line Timber & Judged by Liz Barker from Long Itchington Scouts Group

Class 43 – Best Scarecrow

1st Village Farm Best Scarecrow Cup Winner 2nd Cheryl & Alan Naylor 3rd Billy and Charlie Cooke

Children 0-8 years
Cup Sponsored by Baby Sensory & Judged by Tabitha Benfield

Class 44 – A Wooden Spoon Superhero
1st Jack Dodd Best Children 0-8 years Cup Winner 2nd Rowan Chambers 3rd Josh Dodd

Class 45 – A Piece of Art made with Pasta
1st Rowan Chambers 2nd Logan Keeves 3rd Jack Dodd

Class 46 – A Homemade Chocolate Treat
1st Logan Keeves 2nd Christopher Edwards 3rd Kerala Baria

Class 47 – Tallest Freestanding Junk Model Tower
1st Jacob & Joseph Coe 2nd Logan Keeves 3rd Isabella Lewis

Class 48 – Furthest Travelling Paper Airplane
1st Jack & Josh Dodd 2nd Jacob Coe 3rd Logan Keeves

Class 49 – Flower arrangement in your Favourite Mug

1st Kerala Baria 2nd Imogen Hubball 3rd

Children 9-16 years
Cup Sponsored by The Baby Barn, Marton & Judged by Tabitha Benfield

Class 50 – A unique own design Animal
1st Persia Baria Best Children 9-16 years Cup Winner 2nd 3rd

Class 51 – A Homemade Chocolate Treat
1st Persia Baria 2nd Hannah Koch 3rd

Class 52 – Furthest Travelling Paper Airplane
No entries

Class 53 – Flower arrangement in your Favourite Mug
1st Persia Baria 2nd 3rd

Class 54 – An Original Poem
No entries

Class 55 – Weirdest Shaped Vegetable “the stranger the better!”
1st Billy & Charlie Cooke 2nd Bethany Aston 3rd
Well done to all our winners and thank you to everybody for taking part!

Marton Sports Day 2016

Sports day 2016This was a fantastic social fundraiser for the Playing Fields Association, raising money for pavilion improvements and sport facilities for the village.

Sports Day 2016Particular highlights included the Bra Pong, water-drenched obstacle course and the Spakelele Ukelele band, which entertained with classics and chart toppers.

The hog roast, bar and tea and cake combo kept everyone well fuelled for the races, whether competitive or comic.

Huge congratulations to the dedicated committee and their band of volunteers for organising such a well-attended, fun event.

We’re looking forward to next year’s rematches already!

Sports day 2016 dsc01551 dsc01562 dsc01566 dsc01572  dsc01606 dsc01605 dsc01582




Right Royal Party

Village hall lunchA buffet fit for royalty was enjoyed by about 70 people at the village hall on 12 June to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday. The hall was beautifully decorated with Union Jacks and red, white and blue balloons over tables set out for a feast. There were also make-your-own crown kits for children to supplement the tiaras, princess costumes and flags worn by the most enthusiastic party goers.

Village hall lunchVillage hall lunchLong rows of seats bought neighbours and friends together to share the delicious food brought and shared by all, followed by the live screening of the patron’s parade in London. Everyone stood for the National Anthem (some a little tongue in cheek) and enjoyed the excuse to recharge glasses at the bar.

Whilst many were marvelling at how well the Queen looked at 90 most were unaware we had our very own soon-to-be-89-year-old diligently working away in the kitchen. Phyllis washed up cheerfully as three generations of the Cresswell family joined the many other volunteers who made the party such a great success.

Village hall lunchThe plan to play rounders after lunch was unfortunately postponed until 23 July, as heavy rain had made the playing field hazardously slippery. A back-up plan to play boules/petanque was also shelved when rain returned mid-afternoon. However, after an extended time at the bar a few families couldn’t resist ‘testing’ the prepared rounders pitch and an unofficial game went ahead after all, about two hours later than scheduled.

The dangers of slippery grass were soon outweighed by an impressive storm, though, which created a dramatic end to a very fun day as revellers sheltered from thunder and lightning on the playing field. Don’t miss the chance to make another memorable village event on 23 July when, whatever the weather, we’re guaranteed to enjoy great Marton company at the rescheduled rounders game.09crop

Marton Village Sports Day (Now postponed until Saturday 17 September) – It’s a Knockout, Sat 2nd July 2016 – 1pm

SportsDay_raceThis years sports day fundraiser is an It’s a Knock Out style team event, as well as the annual individual fun races so everyone can get involved. Come and support the MPFA and enjoy an afternoon of sporting family fun including a hog roast, homemade cakes, bar, tombola, bric-a-brac and much, much more for you all to enjoy.

Supporting your MPFA
SportsDay_roastOver the coming year, the MPFA are attempting to drastically renovate the village pavilion. Adding a disabled toilets, upgrading the changing rooms and adding a deck, along with upgrading the sporting equipment available for use by the village. Sports day is our main fundraiser for the year so your support is much appreciated as always.

What are the team requirements?
Teams should ideally be mixed abilities and ages and made up of between 4 and 6 people. The games for the Sports Day have been designed so that all abilities can enjoy them and no one is forced to take part in games if they do not wish to. A towel and change of clothes is recommended, as you will get wet – it’s all part of the fun!

We ask that one of you take on the role of ‘Team Captain’ as this makes it easier for us to contact you if required.  We also need you to come up with a team name – it can be as simple or as wacky as you like!  There will also be prize for the best-dressed team!

How to registerSportsDay_drinks To register please complete this registration form and return to Helen Keeves – 6 The Orchard including your registration fee by Wednesday 29th June.

Click here for the link to Registration Form


See you all on July 2nd !

Marton Museum inspires young authors

Museum objects in school Mrs Amos-Simpson with young authorsBook launch puppet showMayor of Rugby & David Fry with young authors











Children from Knightlow School have published a book of short stories and poems inspired by local heritage, including many curious objects from Marton Museum of Country Bygones. Working together as authors and illustrators, pupils aged between 4 and 11 made the pocket-sized book to send to children in some of the poorest regions of the world.

Objects from the museum were loaned to the school to help children use local stories and history as a basis for their creative writing. The results include time travel adventures, unexpected discoveries in old suitcases and even marriage thanks to a dusty hat.

The paperback is being sold – at £6 per book – to pay for copies to be gifted to children globally, with an emphasis on sending them to under-resourced schools in developing nations. Appropriately titled ‘Knightlow to the World’, it has already been sent to schools in four continents.

This is the fifth year in a row Knightlow pupils have worked with the charity STORIES4SCHOOLS but is the first time every child in the school has contributed to one book. To celebrate this achievement, the whole school organised a special book launch, attended by Cllr Sally Bragg, Mayor of Rugby, and representatives from Marton Museum.

Copies of ‘Knightlow to the World’ are available from or from Faye at 13 North Street. Profits from each £6 sale will support the charity’s work to promote reading, creative writing and global education.

School display

Local History Group: June 2016 Update

Group at Green Man
Group at Green Man

In May the Group went for a walking tour of the historic buildings in Dunchurch. This walk was researched and led, as usual for the “May history walk”, by Mike Johnson (photo shows group starting out on the walk). A brief summary of the buildings seen on the walk is given below.

The Group now has a summer break and the next meeting will be in the village hall on Monday October 31st. More details about this and the rest of the new programme will be publicised nearer the time.

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